5 ways of brewing your coffee with recipes included

Aeropress - Chemex - French Press - V60 - Moka Pot

Aeropress - V60 - French Press - Moka Pot - Chemex

Now includes the 2016 Aeropress Championship recipes!

What is Mister Barista?

Mr Barista is your personal 'third wave' coffee brewing sidekick for the Aeropress, V60, Chemex, French Press and Moka pot. By perfecting your grind, water, and technique using Mister Barista; you can make the best coffee you've ever tasted at home. Coffee that's full of flavour and delicious rather than burnt, bitter or sour.

We provide recipes from all around the world and special recipes and techniques from the winners of the Aeropress championships too.

Check out and read our ratings, Mister Barista is designed and built to assist in the surprisingly complex world of making an excellent cup of coffee.

How Mister Barista works:

Choose a brewing method, Aeropress for example; select a recipe that appeals to you and view the details screen to see what size to grind the coffee beans, you can even place a small amount of your ground beans on your devices screen to make sure your grind size is correct. It will show you what temperature your water should be and amount of ground coffee to use too.

On the recipe screen, tap go as soon your kettle has finished reaching temperature and follow the instructions as they appear. The advanced timer will count down each stage, even dynamically calculating the time to let the water in your kettle cool before pouring on to your grinds. Mister Barista will guide you on when to pour, steep, stir, plunge as well as provide useful information for each step.

If you have a temperature controlled kettle like the Bonavita then there is an option to use it in the brewing process too.

If you settle on a favourite recipe for your daily brew, just tap the 'last coffee' button to jump straight to it in future.

To get the most from your coffee and Mister Barista, decent beans from a good roaster are important. Try different varieties to find a bean you love. The water you use is also vitally important, use fresh filtered water from a Brita filter or similar.


  • ☆ 2016 Aeropress championship recipes, the best of the best in coffee brewing
  • ★ Custom Recipe Creator for when you've got a sense of the brew process. (iOS only)
  • ★ Metric and Imperial units
  • ☆ Grind Size compare screen
  • ★ 8bit classic game audio mode
  • ☆ Serves amount
  • ★ Landscape mode supported (ideal for tablets - Android)
  • ☆ Aeropress
  • ★ French Press
  • ☆ V60
  • ★ Moka Pot
  • ☆ Chemex
  • ★ Temperature (tap to change units)
  • ☆ Grind Size (tap to view coffee particle size)
  • ★ Amount of coffee to use (tap to change units)
  • ☆ Detailed steps taking you through each recipe
  • ★ Last Brew button to instantly take you to your last coffee recipe
  • ☆ Tasteful audio alerts
  • ☆ Mark your favourite recipes
  • ★ Temperature controlled kettle setting
  • ☆ Custom dynamic cooling time


Any and all suggestions and comments are very welcome. If you wouldn't mind rating the app it would really help get it out to more coffee lovers and we thank you for your support. Any problems please e-mail before leaving a review and we will try to help or update the app to cater for your needs.

If you would like to see your favourite recipes added, send in the details/link and we will add it.


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Many recipes collated from the top roasteries, cafés and personalities in coffee, give them all a try and decide on your favourite.Upgrade for all recipes and updates (IOS)

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5 Brewing Methods

Currently we have 5 great brewing methods:
Aeropress, V60, French Press, Moka Pot and Chemex.

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Award Winning Recipes

You can try out some award winning 2015 recipes from the Aeropress championships. All their steps packaged up and presented in Mister Barista ready for your own Aeropress.

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Grind Size

One of the most essential parts of a great brew and a consistant one at that is grind size. Mister Barista dynamically creates the correct grind size on screen for you to sprinkle your grinds on. You can be sure that your grind size is correct.

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(iOS ONLY) Recipe Creator

Add, create, share and use your own recipes, tweak until you perfect your brew. Upgrade to activate.



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Step By Step

It's the first thing in the morning, your brain doesn't want to think about things. Mister Barista lets your brain stay chilled while it takes care of prompting you at the correct times to carry out the necessary steps for the best start to your day.

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If you prefer oz over grams or just like to use the Aeropress scoop without weighing then you can select your preferred units. The iOS version currently has: Grams, Table Spoons, Ounces and Aeropress Scoops while the Android version has: Grams, Ounces and Aeropress Scoops.

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Dynamic Kettle Cooling

If you don't have a temperature controlled kettle and just want better coffee without getting too geeky; the app will dynamically calculate a approximate cooling time which will get you near the correct temperature that the selected recipe requires.

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Temperature Controlled Kettle

If you've taken that next step and have a temperature controlled kettle like the Bonavita, you can select this in the setting for even greater brewing precision.

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8 Bit game sounds

We've been Indie game developers so it's only natural we sneak in another of our passions with some good old game sounds, find them in the shop on the iOS version, but don't worry the pack is free!

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Not got a brewing method?

No problem.. select your required brew method to purchase it!


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